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Who are GlobalSound?

GlobalSound Productions are a unique and professional video production company with a heart for community voice. Over the last 15 years they have produced dozens of interesting and successful film and media productions for charities, community organisations as well as in the corporate sector. They have even been involved with audio production with large international companies like Rockstar and Grand Theft Auto!

GlobalSound are educators as well as producers and have also taught film production and media workshops to hundreds of school pupils and community organisations around the country. Not contained solely to the classroom, GlobalSound lead workshops in a variety of more unusual settings such as prisons, hospitals, residential homes as well as in rehabilitation centres. Our workshops provide participants with a multi-coloured creative experience as well as gaining a host of important life skills such as learning alternative interview techniques and exciting methods of project research. Regardless of project and topic, each and every participant always gains an abundance of new multi-level skills which can then often be integrated into other areas of their lives.

Workshops range from 3 sessions to six month programs and can be bespoke to topics of organisational interest. We even provide a fundraising service if your organisation is low on funding but big on ideas! Please contact us with any questions or even just for a friendly chat.

Dee Faulds
Dee Faulds (MA, PGDip, BA Hons)

Creative Director – Dee Faulds

Dee Faulds has been a professional film-maker and composer for over 15 years. During the mid 1990's he wrote numerous scores for animation, theatre and public installation. Additionally at this time he performed live music internationally and tutored sound engineering for lengthy periods in California, Philadelphia and Michigan.

In 1998 he continued his professional development at Dundee University where he studied a Post Graduate Diploma in Electronic Imaging at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design. The 'Imaging' study rekindled his early interest in film production with visual editing enabling him to combine both practices.

In 2000 he completed a Masters of Music from Kingston University London where he specialised in Composing for Film and Television. The combination of his two art forms; film production and music composition, have over the last 15 years enabled him to undertake many varied commissions. He enjoys the contact with people in a project situation, which is a welcome contrast to working alone when composing or editing.

Why Clients Come to GlobalSound Productions (GSP)

  • We enjoy project research and always give each production unique attention to detail
  • We offer extremely competitive prices which are often unrivalled!
  • We have 15 years' experience of facilitating/hosting filmmaking and audio workshops to both children and adults in rural and urban areas
  • We thrive on creative challenges and always deliver on time!
  • We deliver and produce all work ourself. Nothing is ever sub-contracted to a third party
  • We can partnership and offer help with fundraising proposals for projects when budgets are tight!
  • We have a long successful track record of leading partnership work within schools and community organisations
  • We can transfer your precious old archive footage to disc from pretty much any visual or sound media in existence!
  • We are fully PVG Certified and have full Commercial Public Liability Insurance