'Into Film' Regional Workshops

Into Film re-contracted GlobalSound on their second phase of their 'See It, Make It' Creative Film making Programme. Since 2014 GlobalSound have now delivered 'Into Film' workshops to 10 Scottish schools helping to stimulate increased film making activity. School leaders received personalised support and guidance to develop their skills and confidence to integrate film making more fully within the school curriculum.

This project model supports the long-term sustainability of film making in schools. Into Film is an education charity that seeks to put film at the heart of children and young people’s learning and cultural experience. This UK-wide programme will provide 5-19 year olds with unparalleled opportunities to see, think, make and imagine, contributing to their educational, cultural, creative and personal development.

Film making is an accessible and beneficial tool for engaging young people, giving them a voice and affording them the opportunity to share their stories with others. The collaborative nature of our film making programme also serves as a valuable tool for bringing young people together improving social development. The programme is varied and wide-reaching, allowing all young people, even those who struggle with traditional learning methods, to succeed.

8 Reasons to Make Film with Young People

  • It's such fun to take part in!
  • Film engages young people with active learning
  • Many teachers find that film can help to raise the profile of their subject within their schools
  • Film can be used across the entire curriculum
  • Film education extends young people’s cultural knowledge
  • Film teaches young people multi-level transferrable skills
  • Film stretches the most gifted and engages the hardest to reach
  • A great sense of achievement and pride previewing final productions

The best film education includes discussion, presentation, critical thinking, team working and film making, as well as watching.

"I liked making our zombie film because we got to use real film equipment and the tutor was nice"

Scott, 9, young class film-maker.

Check our film section for movie examples. One can be viewed here: Nump-tie - Callander Primary School