School and Education Film Production Workshops

...From Documentaries to Creative Short Films and Even Music Videos....

GlobalSound prides itself on offering young people engaging hands-on media workshops and courses. Participants are facilitated by professional film-makers and use state of the art equipment on all of our learning programmes.

Our skilled film-makers are also experienced educators and facilitators. The training we provide offers skills in every aspect of the film-making process. We have tailor-made kits for different ages groups enabling all participants achieve their full potential.

We run a wide range of media courses including documentary filmmaking, artistic shorts and reality style TV shows. We design our courses based around the needs and goals of our clients. Depending on the nature of the project our courses can be anything from one day to a year in length.

Two examples of films made by primary and secondary schools are viewable here: Captured - McLaren High School and Nump-tie - Callander Primary School.