Scottish Textile Symposium - Zero Waste Scotland

GlobalSound were contracted by Zero Waste Scotland and the Scottish Textile and Leather Association to film their live Scottish Textile Symposium at Glasgow Lighthouse. This was a full day of opportunity for those working in the textiles industry to learn, engage, debate & discuss the future of Scottish textiles.

At the days event global innovations and trends were considered that could influence business as well as funding and training opportunities from Zero Waste Scotland and the Textiles Sector that would help in the creation of new textile initiatives.

The keynote speaker was internationally renowned luxury knitwear designer, Orsola de Castro, Creative Director at Reclaim To Wear & Co-founder and Co-curator of Estethica at London Fashion Week. The live panel discussion was chaired by Janice Forsyth of BBC Radio. The day’s information, discussion and funding opportunities was of interest to manufacturers, designers, academics and organisations working within the wide spectrum of textiles and their creation.

Topics Discussed - Upcycling

Upcycling is a way of processing an item to make it better than the original. In the example of clothing, this is often taking something that doesn’t fit or is stained/torn and refashioning a wearable product from it.

Upcycling can be done using either pre-consumer or post-consumer waste or a combination of the two. Pre-consumer waste is produced while items are being manufactured (such as the pieces of fabric leftover after cutting out a pattern) and post-consumer waste results from the finished product reaching the end of its useful life for the consumer (such as a T-shirt that doesn’t fit anymore).

Benefits of Recycling Shoes and Clothing

  • Reduces solid waste in landfills
  • Demonstrates sustainability and environmentalism, and reduces carbon footprint
  • Creates economic development around the world
  • Converts waste products into value-added products
  • Provides employment to semi-skilled UK workers

You can find information on many recycling issues from this link

You can view Orsola De Castro's presentation here: Scottish Textile Symposium